Tivoli’s Secret Garden

‘Finding the secret garden of Italy in Tivoli that breathes art & history’

Providing the perfect country escape, Tivoli is a small medieval town situated on the Aniene river, about 30 kilometers from Rome that is filled with beauty and history. Perched on a hilltop with an abundance of natural beauty, the town offers panoramic views of manicured gardens and archaeological sites. Driving from Apulia, our last night in Italy needed to be situated close the airport as our flight to France was early morning, so we decided to stay in Tivoli, instead of Rome. However, if you are staying in Rome with days to spare, I would recommend a relaxing day trip to Tivoli to get away from the hassle of the city.

Tivoli is considered to be one of Lazio’s most beautiful countryside villages and therefore it was once the playground for the wealthy Roman elite during the Renaissance and classical times. This era has left the town with villas and gardens that has made Tivoli famous today and therefore is a UNESCO site because of these three; Villa d’Este, Villa Gregoriana and Villa Adriana.

We arrived to Tivoli during the afternoon and checked into the hotel upon arrival. We loved our room, so cozy and romantic! We missed lunch hour and ate on the road but after a quick shower, we headed out exploring. Feeling a little parched, we stopped for some antipasti and prosecco and walked around the beautiful old town. It seemed like a religious little place, nuns walking around, church bells ringing in the background, views like-no-other and tiny piazzas here and there. We stopped for ice cream and accidentally came across to Villa D’Este, that took our breaths away. If I envision what a secret garden would like, this would it.  Villa d’Este is something like no other, it is a masterpiece of a huge garden estate. It has the most whimsical ora to it, dancing fountains, stone sculptures, grottoes, nymphs, beautiful ponds and hidden nooks that much represents european gardens in the baroque style. There is landscape, art and history to see and includes important ruins of ancient villas such as Villa Adriana

Stay We stayed in a super cozy junior suite of B&B Al Palazzetto, where the hotel was beautifully restored. The location was perfectly centred in the old town and we were able to leave our car in a secured parking in the base of the town. Great price quality ratio and highly recommend the place.

Love Walk around the picturesque old town and stop for processo and a cheese platter in one of the spilling terraces hidden in the cutest corners. Have some icecream desert and explore the gardens of villa d éste. Snuggle up in a cozy piazzas for dinner over a full-bodied red wine and steak.

Wander Walk around the sophisticated crown jewel, Villa D´Este and get lost in the gardens. Experience the natural beauty of it all, the art, landscape design and be impressed by the numerous fountains. The handwork of the Romans is impressive and I was in heaven seeing all the ancient tiles and beautiful architecture. Villa d’Este is situated across the main square of Largo Garibaldi and was originally the country estate of Cardinal Ippolito d’Este. The villa itself is a display of history; exploring the original marble floors and mannerist frescoes that then opens up to the hectares of gardens.



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