‘Shopping for all things lavender’

We sit in the corner of place Dampmartin and rue pélisserie in a cozy quintessential cafe ( chez cerise) fulfilling our morning caffeine dose taking in the hassle of the buzy weekend morning. Lured in by the antique pottery, cast iron chairs and darling owner, we started our day bright and early sipping on cappuccino and breakfasting over the flakey fresh croissants. I wish I could have bought the tiny espresso cups that differed in style, but unfortunately they were not for sale. Believe me, I asked.

It was Saturday morning and venders were setting their stalls to this weekly event that sees producers and artisans filling place aux Herbes, the town square. I’m quite sure any little Provence town has worthy morning markets especially over the weekends, however, Uzes is famous for its market. It spreads to numerous streets where stalls line against the trees selling all things from local foods to soaps, honey, linen, books & local treats. You find sections for cheese, seafood, meat, vegetables and baked goods that locals come to shop all day long. On Sunday the town parking lot holds an antique market while the town square turns into a flower market. I was on a mission to hunt down all things lavender and find the cutest little Provence basket. We ended up finding great souvenirs to take back home with us that included; wicker basket, soap, lavender home spray, linen, an antique ring box, traditional french salad bowl and a fossil stone paper weight.

We strolled down the people filled stalls, admired the pastel coloured windows adorned with spilling wines, fascinated with the smells, colours and beautiful people. We watched locals stand against corners eating dozen oysters of paper plates, sampled on some divine strong cheese and made our way through the town eyeing at all the little goodies. We walked around for a few hours, stopped for another espresso and went back to our hotel to drop off our treats and change as we had lunch reservations in a château in Saint Remy de provence.









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