Mind at rest over morning coffee

‘Apulian mornings in Masseria Palombara´

Dawn is a different kind of dark, one full of possibility that captures the satisfying silence and beginning of a the day.  It’s a moment to experience no rush, even if you’re not busy. The camera loves a peeking sun behind the trees, the soft light makes its way for the AM debut. We are in Puglia, in the beautiful countryside of Oria surrounded with almond and olive trees where your mind is at full rest. You feel connected to nature in an environment like this, there is no noise of traffic and your body feels at rest. I can hear the chirping of birds while I have my first cup of coffee in hand and see butterflies looking for sweet nectar and the new day feels like a fresh start. My hubby and I are really similar when travelling, we love to experience new things and love to start the day bright and early when the golden hour is amongst us and maximise the time. We could never lounge by the pool for many days straight! Apulia is beautiful in the mornings, the countryside erodes to life, farmers are already hard at work and breakfast is being setup in the masseria. I hear sheep in the background and even smell the delicate fragrance from the flowers around us. I hear, for breakfast we will have ricotta beetroot toast, freshly squeezed fruit juice and homemade yogurt… sounds just perfect. But now, another sip of coffee before the day begins.


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