‘The hidden gem shows Puglia in all its authentic beauty that is an immersion of all senses’

Puglia, wildly preserved with authenticity is a beautiful world of its own that only has opened its doors to the rest of us in the past decade or so. In May, the fields scatter with wild flowers, in June the wheat ripens, August is full of figs, September brings the start of grape harvest and October brings olives. The Italian heel is a collection of white-washed towns with narrow streets where handmade Orecchiette exists and is home to seductive luxury farmhouses. Tucked away in the countryside of Oria is a picture-esq escape, Masseria Palombara, a chic leisurely resort, where simplicity blends into humble elegance. Life is easy here, designed for unwinding where comfort meets indulgence that surrounds itself with olives, almond trees, vineyards and Southern beauty.

Sitting underneath the shaded pergola, I sip my coffee from a ceramic cup that is blue and yellow in colour and listen to the birds in the horizon. A few lizards brush by and I breath in the gentle country air and watch as the sun rays make their morning debut. The limestone tiles beneath my feet provide a cooling sensation and I take in these slow Apulian mornings, that capture your heart. Angelo, the owner of the masseria and his wonderful family aim to provide a human experience that feeds the soul. An ambiance that encourages slow and sustainable living, being connected to nature and yearn its surroundings, the way the locals do. Palombara understands the appreciation of small things and how collectively they make a cultural enriching experience.

Surrounded with Pugliese hospitality and true Mediterranean spirit, wine and food play a big role as almost everything you’ll find on the table was grown up in Palombara. Sustainable and ecological are what the Apulian mentality is all about and it’s beautiful to watch how the rich gardens provide it’s customers with a great culinary experience. Lunch is eaten at poolside if the weather provides and dinner is served in candlelight in the coziest atmosphere. The menu is small, just the way it should be and each mouthful is a dance to the taste buds. Its romantic, unpretentious and peaceful where the guests are treated like a little family, all hidden inside the walls of a luxury resort.

Visually impeccable, every corner is stimulating to the eye, it’s simple and not excessive with much attention brought to details. Flowers arrangements spill off antique wooden tables, bold grottaglie ceramics add extra punch, washed-out carpets, glass vase lined nooks and rich mandarin trees cast shades on the lime stone walls. The detailing is infectious creating a serene space to call your home on holiday. Linen clothes lay on tables and carefully picked out pots and candles rest in every spot and the imperfect perfection reflects upon every detail. Rooms are left with the spirit of the farm, but are comforting and made to rest your soul. Start the mornings with a hammam steam room, read a book by the pool, eat amazing local delicacies, visit a few towns and let the Apulian way of life spoil you.

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I have my white jumpsuit on and sipping on a glass of wine on our terrace waiting for the sun to go down and getting ready for dinner. Look how beautiful the napkins are here? Angelo’s wife as amazing taste and a strong aesthetic sense.

Lemons and olive trees as table decorations

Just the right amount of rustic beauty, where fresh fruit from the trees are served in tin pots and the linen garments on the staff match seamlessly to the interior and style of the masseria. It’s simple but full of elegant flair. Every moment is an instagramers setup and a photographers dream.

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A farmers plate for lunch with freshly picked produce during sunrise. We were lucky enough to experience the vegetable picking with the farmer early morning and he showed us his garden route as the sun was rising to the sky.

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Possibly the most beautiful breakfast setup with homemade beetroot toast and peaceful espresso’s by the pool

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Rich mandarins making their way into the world…

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