A Floral Christmas

‘December 7th floral inspiration & rose tea’

I really love this time of year when everyone are getting into the holiday spirit, decorations are being put up and preparations for Christmas are well under way. Along with the decked out trees comes the preparation for flower styling. I love a somewhat effortless look to the flowers, clusters of soft evergreens and neutrals on branching stems, homemade wreaths made from lingonberry twigs and spruce branches along with eucalyptus. Wonderfully fragrant cypress pine, mistletoe and pine cones are Christmas staples and sometimes a little holly with tiny grouped berries are quite beautiful. Here prevailing white color and washed out hues with simple and minimalist elements create a calming stress free setting. I’m not the biggest fan of red poinsettia (christmas star flower), a scatter of white ones are stunning but in this case, there needs to be a lot of them, just like in all the Christmas Baileys commercials, if you know what I’m talking about.

Also, there is no Christmas without hyacinths, scattered in little groups around the house. I picked white ones this year (what a surprise) and placed them in all kinds of glass vases, cracked antique pots/tin, some covered with moss and others with a bit of hay. I picked the moss from the forest while we fetched the tree as I love incorporating natures goods together with purchased ones. Hyacinths are at their most beautiful when still a small bud and I think their understated beauty suits all styles of Christmas, whether extravagant or minimalistic. They merge well with other floral arrangements, just like with these little tiny trees, calocephalus or any silver foliage for that matter.

It’s morning here and I’m drinking the most fragrant rose tea that I picked up from the spice market in Dubai and listening to calming christmas songs. Just how pretty are these dried rose buds? By the way, dried tea leaves makes an elegant gift idea  that can be packaged quite beautifully. All in all, Christmas florals should reflect your personal style, you don’t need much to create a warm festive setting, it’s all about making the best with what you have.

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