Christmas Wreaths

‘Home made wreaths are my favourite accessory for the holidays’

Drinking warm glögi with raisins and almonds while getting my hands dirty in forest greens is what pre-Christmas is all about! Thus far I’ve made  five wreaths in total from forest materials that make the house look extra cozy over the holidays. I love making wreaths, they really are quite simple and home made accessories are always more appreciated then only store bought florals. I absolutely love how these white berries look in the wreaths along with juniper berries. Lingonberry and blueberry branches are extra durable in material along with pine twigs. For a little extra, I added some berries and a bit of eucalyptus and heather (calluna) flowers.

Find the flower wreath instructions from this flower crown tutorial. The only difference of course is that you can adjust the size of the wire base as you wish and accordingly make the little green bouquets smaller that you qrap around the base. Also, when making the pine cone wreath, all I did was literally wrap one twig around the wire base with florist wire.


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