Beetroot spinach tarts & gift wrapping

Today the gift wrapping is finalized & ready to bring on Christmas tomorrow. Homemade treats make a wonderful gift idea and the internet is filled with eatable inspiration if you are lacking in ideas. My favourite ideas are homemade cinnamon granola, fresh loaf, cake mixtures, spices, scented candles etc. The ideas can be simple and easy to make, it’s the presentation that makes them beautiful. Defining other people’s taste can be very difficult so resulting to fine teas, soaps, coffee table books, salt blends, luxury perfumes/ home scents/ toiletry sets , cashmere/ luxury pj’s all make elegant ideas.

This year I opted for wrapping gifts with natural items, lots of washed colours of simple beige, muslin paper or whites. The gifts are decorated with whatever I find from nature and generally lots of twine or natural string/linen. Branches of holly slipped under the string, tiny braided blueberry branches, painted pine cones, baby’s breath or juniper branches all add that Scandinavian touch to it. Eucalyptus and cotton plant are totally dreamy as well, if you wish to buy supplies from a florist. Add little wreaths to gift baskets and decorate with ribbons. While wrapping gifts, I nibbled away on the simplest but most delicious beetroot feta pastries that take 20 minutes to make! Beetroot is a great festive vegetable that should be taken advantage of, over the holidays! 


  • rectangle shaped puff pastry sheets
  • Beetroot humus
  • 1 garlic grated
  • Dry feta cheese
  • Baby spinach leaves
  • Black pepper/chopped rosemary
  • Egg wash


In a bowl, mix together the beet humus, grated garlic and feta. Add black pepper and chopped rosemary.

Slice the rectangle puff pastry sheet in half, so it forms a small square. Each square will form a rectangle that has a filling. In the middle of each square, place some filling and a few spinach leaves. brush the edges with egg wash and close the pastry into a rectangle by pinching the sides. Brush more egg wash over the surface. Repeat process & bake in the oven for about 15 minutes in 200 celsius degrees.

In October we shopped for soaps in Provence and just brought various tea leaves and spices from Dubai that make great gift ideas

Picked up antique books (this one is from Venice) when travelling as they make beautiful displays around the house

Lavender & Hibiscus tea along with personalized perfumes from Atelier Cologne with initialed leather cases

A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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