‘Have yourself a merry slow Christmas’

When it’s snowing outside… Possibly the most magical time is Christmas morning, when the rush is over and you get to spend a moment longer in bed digesting last nights feast. The hyacinth next to the bed has burst into flower leaving the most fragrant smell and we are listening to December sky by Simon Lynge under our crisp linen sheets. Yesterday, when coming home from my parents after midnight, my hubby and I still ate some Christmas ham in our pj’s in the dark kitchen in simple candle light. We were absolutely full, I don’t even know why we ate more.

After a good nights sleep our mornings fill with large cups of frothy coffee, gingerbread baking, a traditional walk in the snowy forest (with red lips of course) and connecting together over this magical time. We opened our presents in bed this morning even though we usually open them on the Eve and this time was even more special as we let our senior lady join us in bed (haven’t let her in our in bed over 10 years) that she was ever so grateful for. All our candles are on, our tree is stood sentinel in the corner proudly displaying all it’s ornaments that twinkle its tiny lights on this snowy day.

Wrapped in quilts, along these years together my husband and I have made new traditions that blend perfectly with old traditions with our families. I have the best memories from my childhood spending Christmas with my parents and brother; they spoiled us with gifts, decadent food and my brother and I always waited for santa claus watching from his bedroom window in our finest clothes. I fell asleep under our huge tree once and remember being woken up to the smell of tiny meatballs that my mom brought me. Both my parents are amazing in the kitchen and the greatest feeling is cooking together as a family, in the heart of the home. I remember playing hide and seek with my parents and my dad hide in our pantry that was actually a refrigerator and he sat in their eating away gravlax. I also remember finding a bunch of vitamins under the table that my brother had hidden as he had refused to eat them! As children, we also spent many Christmas’s in our house in Spain, where had the best time as well. I still remember how I won a real baby sheep in a New Year’s raffle game at our favourite restaurant or how my brother and I went shopping for my parents presents from the nearest market. Some Christmas’s we spent golfing in Thailand and together we made our holidays special no matter where in the world we were.

Yet, despite entering a season of social expectation and bustle, the most cherished memory left is spending time together with people you love, just sitting around a dinning table. It does not have to have to be anything fancy at the end of the day, it’s just the cozy feeling that is created from the connection. For some reason, Christmas always brings a reminder of appreciation and to be grateful of what you have. Keep the people close to you that treat you well, be present in the moments together with family as no one will around for ever creating wonderful memories that will last a lifetime in our hearts. Christmas can be overwhelming for many people, but taking away the pinterest worthy presents, decorations or dinners, simplify it all and do what is important in your life. It’s really just about being together with friends or family even if it is just drinking hot coco in bed watching Christmas movies. It’s never too late to make new traditions, put away your electronics and spend time with those around you. Listen to relaxing carols, take a long walk, do less and not over-do it and most of all try to be mindful, savour the moments and make the day enjoyable.

Now it’s time to start getting ready as later we are going over to my husbands parents house for a second round of festivities and then it’s back to my parents again for another dinner tomorrow.

A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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