‘ First breakfast of the year outdoors in the calming countryside air’

I had that first cup of coffee by the foot of the cottage to test the warmth of the spring weather before heading closer to the lake for a delicious easter porridge as the rising sun was flaring closer the table down there. The rest of the family still asleep, I woke up at 6.30ish by Bella, who was ready to go outside and explore. Dressed in my husbands merino wool knit, I put on my thick cashmere beanie, leggings and moms slip-on boots and headed outside with a warm cup of oatmilk coffee in my hand. Bella and I walked around and sat on the stone steps listening to the awakening nature and watching the sun move between the trees. Finnish countryside is so damn beautiful, it cleanses the mind to a therapeutic state allowing time to stand still for a while. For a visual storyteller, I find nature to be one of the most inspiring elements with its raw beauty.

And then it was time for some rye and barley porridge that has been brewing gently for over an hour. I simply cooked it with salt and water but added a splash of cream and butter as an Easter speciality. The porridge is perfect just like this on its own, but I added a sliced baby pear to the side, blueberries and nutty granola. I topped the dish off with runny organic honey and a few twigs of thyme and a splash of fresh grapefruit juice to balance out the sweetness with the acidity.

Wishing everyone a relaxing easter monday

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