The Baroque city, Lecce

‘Lecce, the city is rich in art and architecture that is ever present on a wonderous stroll’

Begin your morning with an iced almond milk, as the locals do and step through the arches into the walled old town. Let your eye do the work and soak in the detail of the town and let the rustic charm do its magic. Known for its baroque style buildings, Lecce is refered to the “Florence of the south” that is the main city of the Salentine Peninsula. The limestone historic center dates back 2000 years and is a beautiful place to wander around for a few nights. I couldn’t get enough of the flower-filled balconies & the parma ham pit stops on our strolls. Just like any city in Apulia, the place is for experiencing. Thus no sightseeing guide needed, as the entire historic area is made for wandering. Lecce has a heavy aura to it; with a glimpse of Roman ruins, a 2nd century amphitheater, 22 churches with ornate baroque designs and a grand Piazza del Duomo that leads you to many beautiful little streets.

Feel the history in the walls and get lost in the narrow streets of golden sandstone. Lecce invites you to stop for many lazy lunches or a glass of wine with antipasti as the town scatters with many cozy restaurants and wine bars perfect for winding down. In the evenings, you find that Lecce is a lively town where people sit in small bars, walk around or visit the plethora of shops.

Stay in the charming hidden gem Mantateluré (Via Vittorio dei Prioli, 42), the rooms are beautiful and the terrace where we enjoyed breakfast was simply charming. The staff is so helpful in suggesting restaurants, for instance Nonna totti, that is robust and rustic just who your grandmother would cook it in Italy.

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