A love letter.

To my husband.

Let’s start with a simple fact, that life without you seems unbearable. We have reached that 10 year milestone baby. Although I’ve always had faith in us making it this far, this solidifies our life partnership and gives us faith for the next ten. You are my better half, you are far kinder and empathetic with the right amount of challenge and heaps of mental strength.

The first thing that comes to my mind is that when you find the right person to spend your life with, ten years does not feel like an achievement. Our ten years have swung by fairly effortlessly and with age, less is taken for granted and more is appreciated. Time is precious and I have a feeling, the next ten years will go by even faster. I wanna keep dating you for the rest of my life and continue building on this quirky journey we have created together from scratch. Just last week (1st of May party) danced home in the rain after dancing for 2 hours with our friends. Yesterday, we had morning coffee in the cherry tree park because you knew I wanted to see them bloom even though you had slept 4 hours the night before. Equally, I start the day thinking about what you would like for breakfast and cater you as often as possible. We both want to make the effort to make each other feel better. I love our coffee runs, nature walks with Bella and falling asleep in your arms at night. When the lights go out, our hands lock and we say ” sweet dreams” every single night.

You challenge me the right way and with our two strong minds put together, both have learned to be humble and bow down to compromise. I’m not the best in that department, but I’m trying! 😀 hehe Even though we have walked together in this life for quite some time already, our love is still full of possibilities and dreams. It may not be full of infatuation nor butterflies all the time, but there is comfort in knowing we have something so much more. You are my teammate and I’ll have your back no matter what. The honeymoon phase that once existed eventually becomes to a halt and it was at this point that we chose to start putting in the effort to keep the relationship alive. I hope we try making an effort always.

We might not agree on everything, but we accept our differences and respect each others words. Our combined differences is what makes this relationship balanced and interesting and together with our unified views, we are solid. You keep me on my toes, but we still have a blissful routine to our lives. We keep it simple, but behind our simplicity is a history of deep honesty, rawness and open communication. We have never broken that trust and that’s the foundation of it all. I’m proud of you and find you as attractive as when we first met. In all honesty, I think you are becoming more attractive and charismatic with age and I love that you love me at my most natural.  You make me feel beautiful inside and out.

I have the most fun with you. We can carry out the most emotional connection and be romantic but it’s just as important to just have fun and not take each other too seriously. We never forget about the qualities that made us fall in love with each other in the first place. I still remember the first time we said “I love you” at the countryside and the “I love you” today, is as worthy as then. We have an infinity symbol on our rings for good reason and even with highs and lows, together we dance through life.

Thank you baby for these 10 years, I look forward to another 10 more. I hope everyone is as lucky as we are in finding a soulmate to walk through this life together.

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