Countryside Bliss

‘A little road trip to celebrate our 10 years together’

To celebrate our 10-year anniversary my hubby took me on a road trip to the countryside, primarily the southwest Tammisaari region. We stopped by numerous lakes so Bella could take a little dip, ate some fish for lunch at Knipan and walked in the blooming nature. My hubby surprised me with a Cartier trinity ring, which suits my jewellery collection beautifully. We did some antique and flower shopping from the hidden little country stores and drove along the seashore the entire day. We ended up buying a swedish-style blue wooden chair and a porcelain tea set that had blue flower detailing on them, a few faded petrol-coloured plates and a large antique salad bowl. We stopped at several farm shops and country cafes and spent the entire day exploring.

Finnish nature is so vivid in the spring, the ground is full of traditional white flowers that bloom around mothers day and you can spot wild tulips in ponds and deer running around the forests. The south west region of Finland is really scenic to drive through, it is filled with very typical Nordic landscapes of pale hay fields, picturesque lakes and idyllic wooden jugend-style houses. Tammisaari (ekenäs) is a little seaside town with lots of charm that is worth a visit. Put on your flower dress and a chunky knit if the sea breeze gets you and grab your straw basket for those delightful market treasures.





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