‘Endless summer nights & traditional flower crowns’

It’s midsummer’s eve tomorrow and there is a heat wave over Finland. I’m writing this post from the countryside, laying in bed and the sun is still shinning brightly up in the sky through my bedroom window even though it’s close to 10pm. I’m sipping on camomile tea and ready to write this flower crown tutorial. My husband and I came here with my parents last Saturday and yesterday my hubby had to go back into town, while I decided to stay here until next week. They promised +30 degrees celsius for tomorrow & I’ll be start my day with a swim in the calming lake, just how I also like to end my days.

Meanwhile, I usually love to use wildflowers for a flower crown, but because I had so many leftover flowers from my birthday, I wanted to utilize them before leaving town. My lemon thyme is also blooming like crazy on the balcony, so I used it’s little purple flower twigs in the wreath as well. I used eucalyptus as a base and used mini lily’s, a few peonies and other delicate blooms that I actually don’t know the name of. Now, make yourself a fresh mint tea with lemon slices and get creative…

Step 1.

Use a think florist wire to measure around the circumference of your head.  (see image above) Once you get the desired circle, twist the wire ends together to seal the circle. Repeat the process to get an extra layer of wire, this creates a bit of strength.

Using some thinner wire, attach the stems of the eucalyptus to the headband by twisting the thinner wire around the thickers one. Repeat the process until the headband wire is filled with eucalyptus stems. I think I used about 3 long stems in total, as you can see in the images below.

Step 2.

At this stage you have an eucalyptus wreath. Now, take a little bouquet of flowers together. (see pic below) and seal the stems together with the same thinner florist wire. Leave some excess wire hanging off the bouquet so you can easily attach this to the headband by twisting it tightly around it.This creates filling for the wreath/flower crown.

Take another flower bouquet and repeat the process and eventually you will get a full wreath. Voilá you have a beautiful summer flower crown!

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