Calming Countyside mornings

I opened the door this morning and felt the sun on my face and the smell of the lake and forest in front of my eyes and took in the soft air of June. Its a green palatte as far as the eye can see, nature is soft and pure full of movement, eventhough it seems so calm and still to look at. With my basket in hand and feet bare, I walk down from our house to the water while everyone else is still tucked in bed.

One of my favourite spots at our countryside, is just on the edge before the pier starts overlooking the lake and lining of the shore. There is a slight wind in the air making the waves crash against the rocks on land creating the most soothing sounds. This is pure calmness to me, the fresh air brushing against my face, newspaper in one hand and hot tea in the other. The morning light brushes through the birch trees casting all kinds of shades on my breakfast layout and the sound of the birds is as lively as ever during nesting season. I picked some wildflowers the night before and for breakfast I have oatmik english breakfast and a bowl of porridge. The porridge is slow cooked in milk and salt topped with cherries, nuts and seeds. I love to add fresh herbs and a dollop of butter on top and a final sprinkle of lemon zest for that summer infusion. I find overblooming peonies so beautiful to photograph and they are bursting with scent at this point in time. Make sure to create slow breakfast moments for yourself this summer, they will recharge you with all kinds of positive energy. 

A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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