Fiery Desert Sunset

‘A saturated sky & untouched Sand & a sunset to remember’

It’s the unstepped sand beneath my feet that feels so magical; the wind has blown endless slithers onto the surface of the dunes creating the most tranquil pattern throughout. It was just endless sand, a few desert bushes here and there and the sky was turning saturated hues of warmness as the sun began to fall down. Quite like no other, I have never experienced such a powerful sunset even though they say the prettiest sunset is in Santorini, which truly was breathtaking. However, I feel this fiery sunset was different; so calming and intense at the same time full of mystery, one of the most magical views ever.

My hubby and I sat in down on a sand dune and starred into nothing, you hear nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs and gleams.

The Dubai desert experience was defiantly one of my favourites of the trip. We drove through the sand dunes with a jeep with our crazy driver, who almost made the car tilt around! It was super fun driving as fast as you could up and down the steep dunes and he eventually took us to a camp site where there was a set up for the nights entertainment. I rode a camel and after dark we watched fire shows, belly dancers and sat on thick red rugs on the sand tasting traditional treats. We came back to the city late at night, with sand in our hair and feet loving the memories this desert gave us!

My Arabian nights outfit was solidified with some darker eyeliner, a long-sleeved dress that loved the desert wind and naturally a glittery headband that was the most practical accessory ever for the setting.

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