Cozy Malaucéne

Malaucéne is a commune in the Vaucluse region in southern eastern France nestled at the foot of Mount Ventoux. The town has numerous horse riding and cycling trails to the mountain, which attracts many locals to spend leisurely weekends. When we entered the hotel, the first question from the manager was “ did we bring bicycles?”. Rich in natural heritage and history, the town has also a splendid gastronomic heritage. Ventoux wine, goat cheese, seasonal vegetables and fruits play a large role in the communes cooking.

My hubby and I stayed for two nights, we were actually drawn to the town because of the cute maison we stayed in, Le Pont de L’orme recommended to conde naste traveller. The maison was a few minutes walk from the old town that had a well-praised restaurant that we thoroughly enjoyed.

During the 14th century Pope Clement V enjoyed his summer residence in Malaucéne and today Saint Michel church remains as his imprint. The old town has an almost melancholic atmosphere with a blend of gothic and Romanesque style architecture with beautiful ancient fountains, religious markings and 16th century wash coloured houses to admire. On Wednesday it is market day in the town and many of the restaurants and shops exist on Cours Isnards. On our second night we enjoyed a Gorgonzola pizza before dinner as we saw so many people enjoying them from a little truck, smack centre in town.

During the summer the hotel front hangs with beautiful Wisteria, but we visited late September so we got to experience the first signs of fall with a few dropping leaves.

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