Forever in my heart.

Her kajal lined hassle nut eyes was the first thing I saw as I opened my eyes, and it was the sound her sleeping next us that made me fall asleep so calmly every night. You were the bad ass of the block with your majestic lioness walk and unforgettable bark, but you had the kindest most caring soul any dog could possibly have. You were more than a dog and a family member, but a soul mate that cannot be replaced. You were so wise and kind and could read on emotions so well. You were such an easy dog, but with immense character and strength. You definitely ate better than us, you loved a 300g charcoal grilled file mignon, a bit crispy on the outside and rare on the inside and loved to spend time in the nature with us. You chased after wild animals and in your older days, spent time laying on the cool grass in a gentle breeze. You helped me grow in these almost 14 years and with your help, I was able to overcome the harder times too. Life will be so unfulfilling without you, you will forever be my little one, even though at times you weighed more than me. You had so much power and love to give, you were always my shadow, I will miss that forever. Bella would have pushed through life just to make us happy, but I knew it was time to let your old body rest. I wish I could hold time still and keep you forever, but we have been lucky to have you this long and made irreplaceable memories during all our adventures. We gave each other strength.
Even though it was unbearable to say goodbye, the hardest part is entering tomorrow with an entire changed world and an emptiness that is felt in my heart. You are lucky, if you ever have a dogo like Bella, Tigidas elegance Bellisima. You have left a mark in my heart forever mommys little girl and no tears can help the pain, but we know you are in a better place now. We will always love you and will never be forgotten. 11.09.2005- 07.07.2019.

I have taken some time off away from social media to cope with this heart ache and luckily my husband and I are going on holiday shortly to get a change of scenery. Each day gets a bit easier, but a gush of sadness and a sense of loss creeps in every now and then, which makes it extremely hard at times. The house feels lonely at the moment, but luckily we have the most amazing memories of Bella that will never be taken away.

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