“It is that time of year again”

When your instagram story temperature reader is constantly above 28 degrees celcius, you know there is a heat wave in Finland. We went over to my brothers and sister-in-laws summerhouse over the weekend for a crayfish party. We were blessed with constant sunshine and we spent the majority of the day, floating in water, seeking for shade and playing beach games with little B, my adorable nephew who is just the cutest. My brother made us several apperol spritz, while my darling sister-in-law made both of us Danish crowns. Later in the evening we through on the lightest summer dresses and ate the first jumbo crayfish of the season and experienced the most magical golden hour.

These spilling apple trees have always been my favourite that will be ripe in the end of August.

We grilled some pulpo the following day combined with a cauliflower mash just as they do in Spain.

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