Summer Beet Hummus Toast

’Sunday toasty treats’

Making your own beetroot hummus may sound like a hassle, but really it is actually quite simple and worth the minimal sunday effort. It not only adds a great addition to your meals but also makes the most glorious spread for your morning toast. Have you got friends coming over for breakfast this morning? Why not surprise them with this concoction instead of the classic eggs Benedict. Not only does it look impressive on a plate, I promise you, it’s delicious!

Basically you toast some sour dough loaf, add a generous spread of beetroot hummus on top and add 7 ½ minute boiled refrigerated eggs on top, that are oozing a bit on the inside. Add pumpkin seeds and chopped basil on top with a sprinkling of freshly ground pepper and Maldon salt. Not only is the toast a reflection of summer’s vibrant colours, but it has a lovely refreshing flavour from the basil and a sweetness from the beetroot that is all rounded with the creamy eggs.

Homemade beetroot hummus recipe from here.

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