Ladies seasonal crayfish party

As the end of August approches, it was time for an annual crayfish party with my lovley ladies! The interior for our appertment has changed since the passing of our dog, as we wanted a different look to the place for a fresh new start. We bought ne sofas, coffee table, side table and dining table and could not be more happier with the result. We love the deep white cozy sofas and how we have found antiques/had things made to suit our needs. I love our beaten dining room table, it is from the 20s and was used as a vegetable chopping table once upon a time. The little side table behind teh love chair is over a 100years old and I love how every piece has its own story. On Saturday, we celebrated all the goodness in life and had a lovely intimate gathering over some jumbo crayfish. We started the evening with some crab canapes followed by the crayfish, wild mushroom soup and ended the dinner with some irish coffee pavlova. With a few snaps in us and plenty of bubbly, we ended up dancing the night away and having a blast! Thank you darlings!

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