‘The most Impressive plaza in Seville, filled with colourful ceramic tiles and Moorish detailing’

Plaza de Espana is a historical landmark in Seville that is a breathtaking square right next to the old town. It will make the most magical morning stroll…

It was built in 1929 for an exhibition to showcase Seville’s talents in industry and crafts and is worth the visit, just like it’s famous city mates the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Sea and the monumental Alcazar. The plaza is framed by the Maria Luisa Park with a total of 10,000 square meters and is without a doubt, one of Spain’s most lavish plazas. The square has been a backdrop for many movies (Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars, The Dictator) and makes a great place for a peaceful stroll to workup a tapas apatite.

We walked along the semi-circular shape of the building admiring the Moorish-Renaissance style architecture and all the colourful ceramic detailing. The square oozes with inspiration and it is at its most beautiful state early morning, during sunrise before it gets crowded with lots of people. With the exception of a few photographers and exploring couples, the fountain was glistering against the rising sun and pigeons were taking their morning bath in the cooling water. Along the entire square crosses a wiggling canal that you can travel by rowboat if you please. We had yet another morning coffee just before the plaza to let that Spanish cappuccino linger through our veins.

We had pre purchased tickets to the Alcazar this morning and since we were up at breakfast bright and early, we had planned on visiting the Plaza De Espana before the Alcazar to beat the crowds. So after a delightful breakfast, we strolled from our hotel that was situated in the old town close to the cathedral about ten minutes away from the plaza. Additionally, during August it gets extremely hot during midday, so the early morning air feels much more inviting and refreshing also allowing you to maximise your day.

The entire circular wall is a colourful splash of ceramic tiles full of symbolism. Just in front of the canal there are 49 alcoves with benches, one that represents each province of Spain.

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