‘Cadiz the ancient port city in the most south-western part of Spain, filled with delicious seafood’

We stayed in Cadiz for only for 1 night, 2 days (Hotel Casa de las Cuatro Torres) and it felt like we ate our way through the town. We drove from beautiful Sevilla for a little seaside atmosphere.  Naturally because we were by the shore, we indulged in all the fresh seafood the city had to offer. Never having visited Cadiz before, the ancient port city is one of the oldest in Western Europe with archaeological remains dating back to 3100 years. As you walk through the streets, most buildings are connected to the religious and cultural heritage of the city. There is drama and detail in the buildings, and you can feel the long historic presence of the city once you are in it.

The shorefront lines with long beaches and it’s evident that Spanish families love to spend their days under the umbrella gazing into the aqua coloured Mediterranean Sea. Children play in the waters and tiny fishing boats float in the shallows while fishermen seek for their next catch at most corners.

You have to love the exquisite tapas here, the sunset at La Caleta beach and the fish market that is buzzing with people, eating and drinking through little stalls. Plazas are filled with people exploring the city, traditional wine barrel bars spill into the allies and there is chaos, but not in a bad way. The atmosphere is vibrant and loud, spontaneous people break into dance, while people around clap to the rhythm of the music. Cadiz is busy with locals and there is a different more authentic feeling here than what you would find closer to the shorelines near Malaga/ Marbella.

Since we were in Cadiz for such a short time, we primarily did not have any plans for discovering the city. Our only goal was to taste delicious seafood and that was fully accomplished. Our hotel gave us the tip to test the fried food at the fish market. We enjoyed some oysters, fried foods, little breads and then we walked around the maze like streets of the city. We did a bit of shopping and lots of walking and for lunch we ate at a popular beach-like restaurant called Caleta (that brings back amazing childhood memories). We asked for the catch of the day, which was the char grilled sardines and also ordered some mussels and the most delicious juicy shrimps. It was so hot in Cadiz, almost 40 degrees Celsius at times, so a good tinto de verano pit stop under the shaded umbrella was the perfect solution to wind down after our walks.

In the evening, we found the cosiest tapas bar ( La Bodeguita de Plocia on Calle Plocia 11) that was so full (we had to line for while just to be seated on the counter) and had the most amazing gastronomy tapas experience. We obviously ate tuna (popular in the region), scallops in many forms (my favourite), clams and all kinds of fishplates. I just love how the Spaniards do tapas; it’s a beautiful experience in itself. There is no fine dining, nothing fancy about it and it simply speaks to the flavours of the food. With our stomachs and hearts full of goodness, Cadiz left a warm imprint to our memories. This beautiful port city added a wonderful seaside experience to our Andalucía tour.

Enjoying some oysters at the fish market

Spain, cava & people watching in one of the busy squares

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