Beautiful Cordoba

‘Cordoba, the city is where Muslims, Christians and Jews once lived in perfect harmony.’

Welcome to the city of brass doors, limestone monuments and flower enhanced streets with cozy Moorish style patios. My husband and I spent half a day in Cordoba wandering it’s beautiful picture-perfect Spanish streets. Cordoba is another city where East meets West, the flower pot decorated white alleys are crowned with pinches of Islamic detailing and architecture. This city is where Muslims, Christians and Jews once lived in perfect harmony that is reflected throughout the streets. Since Cordoba is another popular spot to visit in Andalucia, make sure visit as early as possible to catch is presence without too many people.

Much like many other cities in this region, Cordoba is an interesting mix of Spanish and Moorish culture. The streets leading up to the Mezquita are lined with picture worhty narrow streets that have divine hidden patios.  We did not have any preplanned sights that we wanted to see; our only goal was to roam by foot, enjoy some coffee and explore the little shops around. Make sure to visit casa Andalusi, that is a house-museum filled with charm and peacefulness with a cozy little coutyard with harlem music playing in the background.

The Mezquita, also known as the grand mosque is one of the main reasons people come to Cordoba. However, we chose not visit the Mezquita in this city as during our holiday, we visited the Royal Palace of Seville and the grand Alhambra in Granada. However, if you are in Cordoba for a longer period, I would for sure explore it then. (I’m also sure the same tip applies here that to make sure to pre order your tickets, so you do not waist time standing in the lines) Originally it was a Catholic church, but the Moorish royals converted it into a mosque starting in 784. It stayed a mosque until the Reconquista and was changed back into a Catholic church by adding a  Renaissance cathedral nave into the structure.

We stopped for jamon paninis in a little fine-food boutique that was filled with people queing and it tasted wonderfully salty and much needed during the hot day. We crossed with Puente Romano, the bridge was built by the Romans and crosses the Guadalquivir river.

Stunning Andalucian horse

I loved all these cozy flower filled patios around Cordoba. The large bougainvillea trees, arched doors, orange-tree lined corners give me chills just looking at them.

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