‘Granada, the beautiful diverse city of Andalucia’

Granada is a beautiful city with echoes of diversity that is worth visiting during your Andalucía stay. Much different to it’s neighbouring cities, Granada is a mixture of culture with a Moorish neighbourhood that has remained the same for centuries, areas near Plaza Nueva that almost look as if you were in Italy and parts of the old town look as if you could be in the Moroccan souk, where dreadlocks seem to be the thing. Granada has been inhabited by the ancient Iberians to the Romans and Visigoths and all have left an imprint in the walls. The buzzing University City has a lively street food life, where locals eat and drink along bars that spill to pathways. Granada is known for its “complimentary tapas” culture when purchasing a drink, you get a free tapas. Often the dishes are so large, you fill yourself up before even heading over to lunch. The city has an interesting buzz, it’s lively and friendly with a mix of interesting people.

Prepare for a lot of climbing stairs as roaming the city by foot is the best way to explore all the amazing neighbourhoods. As the walking increases your appetite, make sure to also eat your way through the old city. Since the tapas culture is so fabulous, I wouldn’t even bother finding proper sit down restaurants but rather make your way to the buzzing counters, as locals would do. Buy some local artisan perfumes and scented candles at PATIO and find some handcraft shops to purchase beautiful Moorish prints to put on walls and bowls to bring back home. We also found the cutest courtyard bookstore right next our hotel (Hotel Casa Granada) where we purchased some coffee table books.

Walk up to Plaza San Nicolas during sunrise or sunset and enjoy a stunning view of the Alhambra as the sky turns a saturated pink. You will hear gypsies playing flamenco as it gets darker, children running in little courtyards and the atmosphere is blissful and romantic.

The Alhambra

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The Alhambra is a beautiful Arabesque Palace and grounds that were built in the mid 14th century by the Roman remains and Moors. The Moorish princes lived in the complex until they were driven out of Spain in 1492, when the Christians took over. Today the palace is a UNESCO world heritage site and is a very popular tourist attraction.It is essential to visit the Alhambra if you are Granada as it has played such a large role in history. The grounds are massive and take a bit of time to explore, but it’s beautiful and full of historic beauty that is absolutely worth it. Make sure to purchase your ticket online well in advance and visit the place just as it opens to avoid all the daytime tourists.

The Arab Quarter

Albayzin- Take a walk back in time by visitng the old Arab quarter

The Albaycin is the old Arab Quarter that is a hillside section of Granada on the opposite side to the Alhambra. By far, this was the most beautiful section of Granada dating back to the 11th century, because of the strong Muslim influence in the area. Alzayin is visually the most beautiful especially early morning when its peaceful and empty soaking up all the Moorish history and peaking into the most stunning hidden gardens.

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