“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

The Christmas trees always remain centre of attraction in the every year’s much-awaited holiday season. Decorating a tree can bring a good dose of holiday cheer as it brings everyone together to create something beautiful. The smell of fresh pine is enough to bring you a little joy that goes a long way as the days remain dark and gloomy.

With our pj’s still on and a frothy cappuccino in our hands, we started decorating the tree over the weekend. With gentle carols in the background, I felt like a kid in a candy store as we were opening the boxes that held all our new Christmas baubles. We first strapped on two sets of lights, then the star and then started adding on the decorations. I could spend hours fixating on the details of the tree, as it’s visual beauty gives me so much joy.

Each year I tend to get more and more baubles as my style slightly evolves with my taste. All decorations are obviously reused, but I can’t help myself in getting something new as Christmas time approaches. I have always adored a somewhat of natural glamour in the tree, trying not to over do it the glitz and glamour. I have added a little bit of green to the tones this year, faded matt and almost pistachio-like tones. The green is perfectly in harmony with the crispy colder tones. The icy snow covered white baubles have little crystals that twinkle against the lights of the trees. Glass baubles, rusty golds/brown, silver and little birds with beautiful feathers all compliment each other as they stand alongside the thick branches of the tree. Lastly, we add our turtledoves on a branch to bring us luck and happiness throughout the year. I also added old-fashioned candles for that Nordic touch even though I will not be burning them too much. At the end of the day, even though all these ornaments are quite glamorous and unique, I feel the tree gives off that right amount of simplicity that suits the style of our interior.

candy canes area  must when we watch holiday movies

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