‘June mornings on the balcony’

I recieved some new plants and flowers last weekend, so the morning began with a little gardening session while indulging in a rustic egg toast. This toast is something I crave for once a month. Just add a spread of cream cheese on toasted sourdough bread. Add lots of baby arugula and a half boild egg on each side. You cook a refrigerated egg for 7 ½ minutes to make it just perfect, oozing on the inside and hard on the whites. Sprinkle some capers and black pepper on top. It tastes glorious with a large cup of english breakfast topped with oat milk. The white peonies are in full bloom that I got from my friends, which smell simply of summer. I planted 3 types of tomatoes, some paprika and more herbs. The swiss chard is beginning to show some leaves and overall, there is much growth in the plants. It seems that day by day, I’m adding more plants and probably by the end of summer, there will be no space for anyone to sit. This probably shows the capacity of what I can create when I’ll have an actual green house and garden. I’m dreaming of having a chandelier in the green house and hosting tea parties in the midst of all the beautiful flowers.

oregano & sage

basil, parsely & parika from the seed

planted 3 kinds of tomatoes

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