‘The end of Apple blossom season at 10pm´

A heatwave has fallen over Finland and we are experiencing summer at its best time. I managed to catch the last of apple blossom season, just before all the petals danced to the grass. Can you believe that these apple blossom pictures are taken at 10pm and the sun was still in the sky? Summer solstice is just around the corner, which means it barely gets dark all through the night. I love this time of year when apple blossoms collide with blooming lilacs giving us the most beautiful flowers throughout June. There was a bit of rain and thunder this morning and we started our day with a green smoothie and coffee. The smoothie contains, oat milk, banana fresh mint, celery, apple and a handful of kale. Green smoothies are the best during heatwaves as they are packed with nutrients, antioxidants and minerals. Ps. Siena seems to be a little poser who just loves the camera.

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