‘Possibly the best thing about August is that crayfish season & warm summer days’

Fresh out of the sauna after a powerwalk, red lips painted, summer dress on & time for a glass of rosé… We celebrated warm summer days with our beloved M & P with the most delicious jumbo-sized crayfish at the countryside. We set the table by the lake; put on a fresh linen table cloth, picked wildflowers and indulged in local crayfish, that we get from our supplier every year. As hours passed by, we enjoyed soft music in the background along with the sound of the waves and ended up eating 15 crayfish per person. The size of the juicy claws was simply amazing. Basically, three claws filled an entire toast and what a delicacy that is. During these ongoing covid times, little moments like these are much apricated and you just want to soak up all the time together. We spent almost a week together at the summer house and it was pure bliss. Eating crayfish in this setting allows you to connect with the beautiful surroundings of nature, where you are in one with the lake and the land. Finnish crayfish (in my bios opinion) is the best in the world as in Scandinavia the crayfish is cooked in a salty brine sauce of dill, alive, just as you would with a lobster. The saltiness of the crayfish is everything, where underneath the succulent meat is worth it all after all that pealing and cracking of shells. You eat the crayfish with dill butter but our family has always added garlic to this as well.

Even though crayfish season starts in the end of July, we usually eat them towards the end of August and maybe this is because we usually travel during this time. It almost solidifies summer and is an introduction to slightly more darker evenings and changing seasons. Siena slept under the table on my fur vest as the evening got darker, we light candles and ate until midnight before we went inside.

A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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