Golden Sunflower Fields

These (much more modest) sunflower fields remind me of the rolling yellow hills in Tuscany that cover in sunflowers in early summer. For the sake of the weekend, I convinced my hubby to visit the fields in the morning so I could pick some flowers for back home. Sunflowers are not my favorite flower, but there is something special about them when blooming in fields, in a larger scale like this. It also reminds me of my childhood as mom often took me to meadows to pick flowers and late summer was dedicated to sunflower season. We used to make wreaths from all kind of wildflowers and still do today, if we are in the countryside together. You could hear a soft buzzing of the bees in the background and the sun was gorgeously peeking through the clouds. Sunflowers bloom in late August here in Finland and it almost feels like the last burst of sunshine before summer comes to an end as we transition into slightly more colder evenings.



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