Picking up the Christmas Tree





And then there was snow…

We woke up Friday morning to discover from our window that all the city roofs were covered in snow. The light coating brought a new glimmer of light as the white reflection was bright and airy. We knew the snow wouldn’t last past this weekend as new rain showers were heading our way, so we decided to go pick up our tree when the ground is still frosty and beautiful. Much like last year, we picked up our Christmas tree from an organic farm called Grangård that is located about 40 minutes from the city center. We love this place, solely for the fact that all trees are chopped down, only when purchased so non of them go to waste. We also make a day trip out of this, with Christmas music blasting in the car, drinking hot glögi as we find our perfect tree as we roam the stunning grounds of the farm. It is Siena’s first-time seeing snow which made it a little extra special for us and a little fun fact is that her birthday falls on Christmas eve. If I do say myself, we found the most breathtaking huge tree, that actually was 20cm too tall for our house. We needed to saw some stem off before setting it upright in our living room. I love the fact that this tree is full of bushy branches so all the decorations and baubles really sink into the mass. The house smells of fresh pine, which is one of my favorite smells in the entire world, giving a cozy soft sparkle to the living room.

The color scheme for the tree is a mixture of brass, silver, earthy greens and brown. I love a little of antique crystal, some shimmer but it is softened with warmed rustier tones. For a couple of years now, I have been fond of “bird related” ornaments, may it be from feathers or actual bird ornaments that I think add a beautiful dimension to the branches. My eye is drawn to darker green baubles that really pair well with a mixture of gold and silver. I have been perfecting my ornament collection for years now and each December, I can’t wait to get them out from storage. I believe our tree has a little alpine feel to it, as it is more embellished than traditionally Nordic, but still refined and noncommercial. December is just around the corner and I love to experience the beauty of the tree for the anticipation of Christmas tree.





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