Evergreen Wreaths

’December 8thIsn’t a homemade Christmas wreath the most delicate, soulful décor idea?’

Traditional Scandinavian wreaths are made from evergreens, including holly, ivy, pine and yew, each of them having their own symbolic meaning. For example, evergreens represent eternal life and strength, as they can withstand the harshest weather conditions and live through all the seasons.

With Christmas parties being minimal this year, it is important to keep festive spirits high through other ways. I’ve started making pine twig wreaths that add a little beauty to the house. I’m planning on making smaller ones and a much larger one that I can hang outside on the balcony window. It will look beautiful looking from within. As much as I love quite a decorative tree, I also admire a natural soft color vibe. Natural green wreaths that are a bit irregular in shape, off tone Linen tablecloths and napkins, a touch of antique brass, sheepskin throws and rustic wood add a cozy setting.

Usually, I make the base with hard wire, but this time I around, I wanted to make the base from bendy twigs to add more depth to the wreath. I also like the look of the pine wreath when the twigs lightly show through, adding a little natural texture to the overall look. Wreaths are a great gift to give someone and they are enjoyable to make, so why not learn a new skill this season? If you have followed my blog for a while, I have old tutorials that you can learn from.

Once the base is made, it is time to make the body. Depending on what type of look you wish to achieve, you can make full bodied wreaths or simple thinner more minimalistic ones. This look you can achieve by either adding more or less pine branches and playing around with the thickness. Take a pine branch and start to mold it on top of the twigs. Tie each end with thicker florist wire. Keep repeating the process until the base is covered in pine. To achieve a fuller effect, attach little bouquets of pine to the base and any other decorations you wish. I added little white berries that I found outside simply by pressing them into slots where I saw a little bit of wire.

A homemade wreath is a gesture of gratitude back to nature when it has the least to offer. Bringing greenery in is a good reminder that there is still life to be appreciated, even in winter. The coldness and darkness outside make you want to create a warm cozy home indoors. The next time you are taking a walk outside, keep an eye out for fallen twigs, forage, pines and whatever beauty you find in nature. The beauty about making your own wreath is not particularly about the end result, but it is about the moment created when making the wreath. It allows you to unwind and slow down over a cup of warm tea and soft candle light. Moments like these allow you to dive into the magic of Christmas crafting.

Simple Fig Salad

Wiped feat salad with micro leaves, figs, pistachio & toasted almonds. Wiped feta is the simplest topping to make: blend together 1 block of feta cheese, ½ packet of cream cheese, 1 garlic clove and a small squeeze of lemon juice. Blend until it is a fluffy and airy paste. It makes a great bread topping or a side element with anything really.

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