Christmas Eve


‘ The magic of Christmas Eve’

Christmas eve was magical as it was the first time in a long time, that we did something as a group.  Even though we truly missed our parents (whom were at the summer house being responsible and avoiding group gatherings), Christmas was still lovely spent with us kids together. Not only was it Siena’s first birthday on December 24th, so it was a little bit of extra time of magic for us. My hubby and I woke up really early on Christmas eve, listened to home alone sound track and made coffee that we drank in bed. We exchanged gifts (I was blessed with a cartier wedding band to match my bracelet) and watched Siena open her gifts. We took a traditional walk in the forest and headed over to my brothers and sisters-in-law house early enough so we had the entire evening together. We made some Christmas cocktails, played with our nephew, watched Siena on ham-watch all evening and ate some delicious foods. It was a lovely relaxed evening, as always with my favorite crew! Wishing everyone an amazing New Year! Let’s hope life will become more normal in the new year!

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