Happy New Year!

‘Wishing everyone a beautiful New Year’s Eve’

Even though this year has bought a lot of uncertainly and sadness in many ways, there are always little things to be grateful for. I imagine for many this has been the hardest year of all. The pandemic has torn hearts out of chests, by taking away precious lives, jobs and many people are lonelier than ever at this point in time. My heart goes out to people who cannot travel to see their loved ones and to those who are struggling alone. It almost feels unwelcoming to “brag” about the good that has happened this year as I am aware of all the global doubt around me. I hope the New Year brings better days ahead to those whom need it. This year has forced many to pause and live in the moment, which hopefully has brought healing and a new type of outlook on life. This year as also taught that we can live with much less & it shows the true importance of life.

As cliché as it sounds, I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful family and a husband that I couldn’t live without. He is my rock, my everything at the end of the day. I feel that the longer we are together, the closer we are and I hope we are blessed with health to grow old with each other. This year, we haven’t seen a lot of friends, but everyone is out in our hearts and the next time we are together it will feel that much more special. I’m also so grateful that my brother and sister-in-law are like best friends to my hubby and I, which we have seen throughout covid. We had some unforgettable countryside trips during the summer. I’m grateful to live in Finland, as we have spent a lot of time outdoors- gone mushroom picking with mom and played golf with dad. My favorite memories of the summer include crayfish parties that are always a blast! We also got Siena this year and rather spontaneously bought a plot of land and decided to start building our future house! So, underneath a lot of doubt and confusion in this year, there are glimpses of joy that I will treasure in my heart forever. This new Year’s will be spent taking a long forest walk, relaxing in the sauna, cooking great food and spending it sipping on champagne. I wish everyone has a healthy and peaceful New Years (let’s avoid those large parties this time) and let’s hope the next year will bring forth more freedom.

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