‘March 1st & a dreamy light Chocolate mousse cake’

It is officially the first of March, which means that the snow should slowly start melting allowing space for little buds to push through the surface of the ground. This was the first weekend the temperatures got a little warmer and we were able to enjoy a cup of coffee on the balcony in the wonderful warmth of the sunlight. I also scrapped the balcony floor and cleaned all the dirt that piles up over winter time.

This morning I heard the first screeching sound of the seagulls that to me, symbolizes the beginning of Spring. The park is still filled with ice and snow, but I love that the streets are getting a bit drier day by day. Hopefully soon, it’s time to get rid of all winter jackets that is exchanged for a lighter wardrobe.

My husband and I will be going to our summer house in the next couple of days to enjoy a little change of scenery. Finland is going into a partial lockdown mode so it’s nice to escape into the countryside away from the city.

However, since the month has changed, I wanted to make a little layer cake to hopefully kick off the start of Spring. The filling is a light chocolate mousse with blueberries tucked in the middle and the base is a basic sponge type cake, that I always use when making layer cakes.

For the chocolate mousse filling, all I did was add heavy cream with sugar and whipped it and then added some coco powder and whipped it more. I like the cream to be quite solid so it is a bit easier to control when spreading it on the cake. For this cake, I made 2 base layers, but you could three just as easily. After one layer, add some coco mousse in the middle and fill with berries, add another base on top. Then cover the outer surfaces with the mousse and garnish with blueberries and a dusting of powder sugar.

Have you heard of ‘tulip massaging’? I read it from somewhere, that once the tulip begins to wilt, you gently peel back each petal to open the flower up. This gives the tulip a new look (almost like a poppy flower) and gives the flower a longer life. I tested it with a few buds (see in the image below, where I am holding the buds), and thought it looked quite nice. Nevertheless, tulips are a definite sign of spring.

Have a great start to the new week-

For the cake base I used this recipe:

Cake Filling recipe:

Ingredients for cake base (x2)

  • 3 eggs
  • 1dl sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 dl + 1 1/2 tbs flour
  • 1 tablespoons vanilla powder
  • 1/2 tablespoons cardamom

* oil for lining the cake tine / milk when assembling the cake

Cake Base Directions

Baking the cake layers:

In a bowl, add together the dry ingredients (minus sugar). In another bowl, whisk together the eggs and sugar until light and fluffy with the help of an electric whisk. Through a sieve, combine the dry ingredients to the egg/sugar mixture. Gently fold the batter together.

Pour some oil into the cake tin so the bottom and sides are coated, pour excess out. Pour batter into the cake tin and place into the bottom part of the oven for 40 minutes at 175 °C. Check the cake by inserting a tooth pick into the centre and if it comes out clear, it is fully cooked. Cool in cake tins on a heat rack (about 10 minutes);  remove cakes from tins and cool completely on wire racks for about an hour.

Repeat this process again for 2 cake layers.

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