Easy Homemade Lilac Honey

My dream would be to have a garden with some lilac trees, purple and white ones to spread the scent of June. Lilac grows wild and is quite common in Finland that have been around for centuries. You can use this lilac honey as you would with normal honey and you can pick out the flowers or leave them in, as they are eatable. This recipe literally takes 1 minute to make but it needs to sit in the jar for at least 2 days before usage. It can intensify in the jar from 2 days up to 2 weeks, depending on how strong you want the lilac to be.

Lilacs bloom in June and have a few week life spam which makes their aromatic scent that much more endearing, which is why I try to make the best of them.

Lilac honey

  • Lilac flowers washed and dried (make sure to use flowers that do not have chemicals in them)
  • Raw honey

In a sterilized mason jar, add clean lilac flowers. Then add enough honey so the flowers are covered. Seal jar and allow the flowers to infuse for several days up to two weeks. The flowers will eventually rise to the top, so they are easy to spoon out. Another method to remove the flowers is to gently heat the honey and strain through a sieve. You can also leave the petals in.

Recipe in Finnish: Syreeni Hunaja

  • Syreeni kukkia (muista käyttää sellaisia missä ei ole myrkkyä)
  • Raaka Hunajaa

Laita syreeni kukat tiiviiseen lasi purkiin. Kaada päälle hunajaa niin että kukat peittyvät. Laita korkki kiinni ja anna tekeytyä pari päivää pariin viikkoon asti. Kun haluat käyttää hunajaa, kukat voi joko ottaa pois tai jättää hunajaan, koska ovat syötäviä. Itse teen aika pienen purkin syreeni hunajaa, koska se on riittoisaa.  Jos haluat eroon kukista: ne kelluvat pinnalle niin voi lusikoida helposti pois tai kuumenna hunaja hellästi ja valuta siivilän läpi purkkiin.

Serve it with some delicious cake, put on your morning toast or sweeten a cup of tea

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