‘rose petal ice cubes & delicate baby’s breath flower crown´

June has really stepped up its game in terms of constant sunshine, and the heat brings all kinds of beautiful drinks to the palm of our hands. Hydration is so important for your skin and body during the summer, and I love playing around with the idea of incorporating florals into the scene. Not that this hasn’t been done before, however I have never tried making eatable flower ice cubes. I have made gorgeous herb ice cubes from thyme and mint and used them for summer cocktails made of lemon or rosé wine that always add a visual touch. Since I had freshly picked a few rose buds from my mother in laws garden, I wanted to take advantage of them as I know, they are chemical free and completely organic. I washed and ripped the pale pink petals and dropped them into my icetray and shaped them into form. This morning, I tested my rose petal ice cubes with a glass of cold water while making a baby’s breath flower crown. Not only did the ice cubes look delicately beautiful, but it instantly elevates the drink to the next level. To be honest, it did not infuse the water with flavor, this is probably because the cubes are so big in size and take really long to melt but, the visual aspect was enough for me. If you are planning any get togethers, try this for your next drink. It also works beautifully in coolers for your bottle, with petal ice cubes all around.

On another note, since I have so many beautiful flowers from my birthday, I wanted to take full advantage of all of them, hence I decided to make a delicate little baby’s breath crown to celebrate the beautiful days of June. Baby’s breath is a durable flower which makes it perfect for making wreaths. It is so light from 4am till 11pm at this time of year and it really gives an uplifting sense and strength of energy that we will carry with us when fall takes over.

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