We took our little wooden boat ’Wilhelmina’ out on the day of midsummers eve. The day was hot and humid and people had anchored their boats in the middle of the waters to swim in the sea and soak in the beautiful summer weather. The waters were peaceful and quiet, a few dressed up boats passed us by, with celebratory flags on the sails and flowers or birch trees on row boats to show appreciation for summer solstice. Most people have migrated to the countryside but we will only be going there next week as my hubby’s holiday starts then. We keep the boat on our new property, where building will take in a few years’ time. It took a good year for us to design the house and apparently receiving the permit from the city can take up to a year in this specific area. However, it still feels rather dreamy that we will have our own beach and waterfront views and boating will become that much easier.

Today is midsummers day, and we started the day with breakfast on the balcony surrounded by all the growing flowers that have really appreciated all the daily warmth. I received these peonies from my hubby yesterday and I just cannot get over how beautiful and many there are. Their aromatic perfume takes over any space they are in, giving the air that wonderful summer fragrance. Today is another peaceful day, time spent outdoors in the midst of nature.

Happy Midsummer everyone!

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