Lilac Water



Lilac water

Water infused with lilac blossoms calms the souls and restores the spirit. Not only does it look beautiful, but it adds a gorgeous delicate flavor to your water. All you need to do is snap some lilac blossoms (that are clean of any chemicals), wash them and let it soak in your water until it begins to flavor it. It is like drinking summer in a glass. These special little drinks are perfect for garden party gatherings, showers or just at home in a pitcher in the fridge to hydrate you throughout the day. The last of lilacs are just about to dry out on trees as the season ends and the weather is so warm. It only takes a few minutes to make and instantly elevates that ordinary water into something more darling.


fun fact: felt the baby kick for the first time at week 18 + 5 days, on June 16th as I was resting in bed



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