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Lunches al fresco are what slow summer days are made out of. These warm days have been something like no other and we try to each lunch in a little bit of shade, if possible. I love this spot at our country house, that is in the front of the house surrounded by woodland and the life in the old tall trees. Since we just approached crayfish season yesterday and August is around the corner, I thought this recipe is worth sharing if any of you are planning on having garden parties any time soon. This plate would make a beautiful side dish for crayfish to compliment the Nordic theme.

For other than Scandinavians, this dish may be an acquired taste. The beautiful thing about it however, is that you can alter it to your liking, for example by leaving out the herring completely. The plate is made to look like a crown and is decorated with eatable flowers and summers delights. You make the base of the crown with boiled new potatoes and eggs and add dollops of homemade salmon mousse. Then you basically add any seasonal produce you find at a farmer’s market, like peas, sweet summer onions and radish. Then you add some herring on top and sprinkle some dill and black pepper in the end. Lastly add some eatable flowers.


Easy Salmon Mousse

To make the salmon mousse, you need some smoked salmon. We smoked the salmon ourselves in a smoker with juniper branches and let it completely cool down. However, you can just as easily buy a medium size piece of smoked salmon from the store. Once cool, mush the salmon with a fork into a bowl. Add about 1 cup of some crème fraiche, a couple of tablespoons of aioli, lemon juice and white pepper. Mix well so it becomes a mush. Check for seasoning.


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