Berry Pancakes

Pancakes, the easy and quick treat if you have a mild sweet tooth. We never eat pancakes for breakfast, most Scandinavians do not, as we prefer savory over sweet. But as the balcony season has come to an end, we decided to enjoy some berry infused pancakes with the last heatwave of summer. Now, our entire balcony is under construction for maintenance work and will be able to use again, after the new year.  Due to this, I tried to use the balcony during spring and summer as much as possible to maximize spending time amongst my beautiful flowers as now the time for it has come to an end.

Everybody knows a basic recipe for pancakes, so I will not share that with you, but what I will share is the way to elevate them into something better. First of all, whip some cream with a bit of vanilla sugar to form soft peaks. Then grate some lemon zest into it and add a teaspoon of lemon juice to freshen up the flavor. Also, make some homemade strawberry compote. Basically, in a small pot add some roughly chopped strawberries and bring to a boil. They release liquid from them as they heat up and the point is to reduce the liquid and thicken it. Add a bit sugar (or honey) if you prefer it sweeter and let it gently simmer into a mush-like consistency for about 10-15 minutes. You can press the strawberries with the help of a fork to get the ideal texture for you. Remove to the side to cool.

Once the pancakes are ready and slightly cooled, add some whipped cream inside along with black and blue berries. Roll it up and repeat the process. Plate it with a generous scoop of strawberry compote along with some extra berries. Garnish with mint if you please. This infuses the pancakes with delicious sweet but fresh flavors giving it far more excitement that your basic pancakes with syrup. It not only tastes like the memory of sweet summer, but the lightness of it all makes it the perfect sweet tooth craving without being too heavy.



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