Week 34 Pregnany

October first, which means we are officially at week 34 of this pregnancy. This means that the baby is around 45cm long from head to heel, and weighs about 2.1kg. That’s approximately the size of a school bag and the weight of a cantaloupe melon. Our due date is in the beginning of November, so really not far to go.

I haven’t’ been too active here about this pregnancy so I thought I could share how everything has been going as we soon reach the final stages of this journey. We only have a month to go, which feels absolutely surreal. I just started packing my hospital bag, in case the little one decides to come early. I was born a month early myself and so was my husband’s sister and they say, this can be in the gene pool.  However, there are no signs of labor yet, which is great so our little one can keep growing and developing as much as possible. At this point, I’ve gained 10kg of weight myself and apparently at the end, the weight generally escalates. Much throughout my second trimester, I had only gained about 6kg and clearly there is a difference during this last trimester. I would personally say that the second and third trimester have been relatively easy. I had no problems during the second at all, only during last week’s I’ve noticed the discomfort of a large belly. It is harder to feel comfortable sitting or standing and my legs get tired so much easier than usual. At times dog walks feel really heavy or walking up a flight of stairs. Thankfully though, I have not experienced any swelling to this day. I haven’t had any cravings either, which I’m grateful for, so I have had a somewhat normal diet throughout this journey. However, it is hard to find a comfortable position to sleep at this point, even with a pregnancy pillow. I feel the belly is pressing against all my organs, which not only creates discomfort but also acid reflux. I have had acid reflux for the past month at least, that has by far been my most annoying/uncomfortable symptom, as it is constant. I’ve never experienced acid reflux in my life before, but now it is daily and can be very bothersome. It’s the worst when you sleep, which makes it quite hard to get any rest. However, I keep telling myself it is temporary and at the end of the day, no matter what symptoms I have, I am extremely grateful we are this in our pregnancy. Additionally, my lovely friends threw me a baby shower, which was amazing to see all my girlfriends during this special time. It felt so heartwarming especially during the pandemic, as I have really limited my social life just to be on the safe side. They really gave me an energy boost to hustle through this last month. My husband, of course has been wonderful too and cannot wait to see him shine as a father, I know he will be amazing at it. We have purchased all the necessary baby supplies; the pram and crib are set up and the baby seats are installed in both our cars. I feel like, now the waiting game is about to begin and I’m going to take this last month to gather some energy, try resting as much as possible and enjoy the peaceful time before our lives will change forever. Currently, I’m not nervous about birth, but I have a feeling when the time comes, it will be a mix of all types of emotions, including nerves (and pain!). The best thing about this moment is defiantly feeling his strong kicks on a daily basis, which gives us comfort knowing everything is going as it should.

Happy autumn everyone, time to bring out pumpkin spice, cozy knits and enjoy the comfort of your home as the air gets crispier and darker.

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