Gallerix Wall art

New collaboration with the poster brand Gallerix

Today I received some beautiful posters from Gallerix, where I was allowed to choose some prints for our home. I wanted something simple and timeless, where the colours would be neutral and blend into the surroundings, so this way they will also suit our future house that we are going to build. I wanted something artisty and somewhat abstract so I chose posters representing Matisse Papiers Decoupes No1 and a sketch-like figurine called Picasso From Femme.

This morning I began my day with a decaf espresso and placing the posters in the frames ( I chose white wooden frames to optimise the least amount of contrast), but there are also wooden and black frames available. I also chose a few posters for our future sons room, a cute hot air balloon print ( called watercolour Hot Air Balloonand also an airplane (called Watercolour Airplane) to create a somewhat aerial feel. I love that these two prints are fairly  doey and soft from the watercolour affect and can suit both a girls and a boys room, incase we have more children in the future. Galleix also had sweet animal prints that were totally darling, that I was really contemplating as well.

I specifically wanted posters and frames in the size 30 x 40 (could get bigger or smaller), so this way they also fit inside a cabinet, as I prefer to have them leaning against something, rather than hanging on the wall. I think it looks quite nice to have these prints as a backdrop in a glass cabinet mixed with old antiques, nice plates, a few statues, on a shelf as they make nice space fillers (not that I ever have free space in my shelves :)). 

You can see my favourite poster list from here, in case you wish to order some for yourself. I will be sharing a 30% discount code on my instagram if you wish to order some for yourself that will last for twenty days. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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