Christmas Gift wrapping Inspo

‘ and soon it is December and time to start thinking about Christmas time’

Christmas has really come quickly this year as my hands have been much more full this year, due to a certain new cute addition to our family. We are in the midst of planning on getting a Christmas tree as December is just around the corner which will hopefully happen next week. This Christmas is going to be magical with our newborn, our little families first holidays together. Along the past few months already, I have done little purchases of wrapping paper that I have found beautiful. Some of my favourite colours this year are deeper reds, browns and greens with traditional Scandinavian patterns with stripes or this darling nutcracker paper that is very English style. I managed to wrap a few gifts already and wanted to share some inspiration, as I tend to do on a yearly basis. This time I used flowers that I had left over from a bouquet, natural yarn with hints of white and gold. You can make the simplest of packets look really stunning by adding some foliage, different material yarn and all these packets are tied together as they are natural in style. You can make little pine wreaths on top, add twigs of pinecones, eucolyptys or whatever branches you find from nature.  Days are getting darker and this morning I managed to snap a few photos of my morning set up with a coffee, a gingerbread cookie and getting into the spirit of wrapping gifts.

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