‘Picking up our first Christmas tree as a little family’

Our annual trip to pick up the Christmas tree is finally here, that we did on the first advent which means, only four more Sundays until Christmas. This time our trip to the organic tree farm felt that much more special as we picked the tree up as a little family. I got emotional on our car ride to the farm as we were listening to the most beautiful Christmas songs and I kept thinking how lucky we are to have our little one all bundled up in the backseat and Siena sleeping in the trunk of the car.  The weather was crispy with a light dusting of snow, which made our drive that much more idyllic.  tWe walked around the farm looking for a large bushy tree and when we found the perfect one, hubby cut it down for us. Our little baby was sleeping the entire time as he likes the car ride, so our trip went really smoothy. Siena enjoyed the frosty hay on the ground and wanted to be a part of everything as she usually is. Once we came home, we went to get all the boxes of ornaments from storage and set up our tree in the evening. As part of tradition, we played the home alone sound track, set up the lights of the tree and after decorated it with all our ornaments. We made a glögi cocktail and enjoyed the evening in our little baby bubble. We danced together with our little baby in between us to our favourite festive song and enjoyed the pine smell of the tree and the twinkling lights as the day got darker. The evening is one for the memories and I’m glad I managed to snap a few shots so we can show our boy once he is old enough to understand such matters. Today it is December first and it is officially the month to start feeling the holiday spirit.

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