Christmas Eve

Even though it is the beginning of January already, I want to go back to Christmas Eve and share some photos from the evening. We spent the eve at my brother’s and sister in laws house, which is magical in the outskirts of town. We were lucky and got a white Christmas this year, the air was crisp and chilly, cosy for Christmas time. We spent a sweet morning with hubby and the baby and the evening was spent with my side of the family. We ate the most delicious food, had a visit from Santa Claus & sent a lovely evening together. The following day we went to my hubby’s side of the family and spent a lovely evening there as well. After a few hectic late nights with the lack of sleep, the following days were spent taking it easy at home with our little family. Christmas was extra special for my husband and I this year, the greatest gift we could ever ask for, was our little boy.

A snowy road to our future property- love the beautiful trees that the road surrounds. 

the train is one of baby’s first ornaments

A set table and delicious winter cocktails

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