Cherry Blossoms & Tea Parties

As Spring falls to end, the cherry blossoms welcome summer with open arms

It is that time of season again, when the pink oxygen of the sky is in full bloom. Cherry blossom season is in full bloom in Helsinki and traditionally, I could not miss the chance to photograph them at sunrise. I enjoyed a cup of tea there and played around with lens flares. It makes me breathless everytime. Yesterday, I had some friends over for a tea party, we celebrated the upcoming birthday of my friends baby girl. It feels so good to make others happy, I notice that I thrive when I take a nurturing role in the lives of others and I love dressing the table.  I love a good tea party too, setting the table with porcelain cups, crystal and antique finds that I have collected throughout the years. Now, if only I had a garden where I could have tea setups surrounded with daliahs and peonies with French cast iron tables and chairs.

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