My first Mother’s Day was something I have been looking forward to a long time. Motherhood feels so natural to me, I feel blessed that I get to take care of little Lucas for the rest of his life. It so happened that our anniversary also fell onto the same day, so we also celebrated 13 years together. I received some beautiful peonies for the start of the day and then we went for a lovely picnic to the outskirts of Helsinki, sat by the water and ate sandwiches, strawberries and coffee. On our way back home I got a lovely handbag surprise from my husband (let’s just say he outdid himself with this gift) and in the evening we made a lovely dinner together as a family. My own parents where at the summer place so it was quite special to celebrate our first mothers day, just as our own little family. This time of year wood anemones (valkovuokkoja in Finnish) begin to bloom and it is tradition to pick them up for your mother on this day. I cannot wait of the day, my little boy will pick them up for me as he gets a little older.

I particularly understand how difficult mother’s day can be to many individuals. Some who have lost their mothers and others whom are yearning to become one, I have a lot of understanding for you all in a position like that. I remember when I was feeling sad, I tried finding positivity from places elsewhere. Social media did not help. Try to remember what is good in your life at that moment, may it be health, your relationship, your friends, anything really to direct you into the right direction. For anyone who is struggling, wishing you all strength.


A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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