cosy morning with the family

Now that our family is slowly recovering from the flue, we took a morning stroll to the Christmas market. I love the smell of roasted chestnuts, we walked around exploring the stalls and enjoying the crispy cold winter weather. Back home we decided to bake our first gingerbread cookies together with Lucas, which I’m sure will become a yearly tradition for us to do as a family. I remember as a child baking and decorating cookies in the kitchen with my brother as my parents watched over and it brings back lovely memories. We also used to watch movies in my parents bed with the fireplace on making it so cosy underneath the blankets. I’m hoping to create lots of wonderful memories together with out little one. I made the gingerbread dough last night (find the recipe here), where the lemon zest makes it extra lovely. The cookies made our kitchen smell like Christmas, possibly one of the most delicious smells ever! I made a quick and simple frosting by mixing a teaspoons of water to a dl of icing sugar. I also tested our new cute rolling pin from Tuscany that creates lines into the dough. I’m pretty sure this type of rolling pin is used for pasta, correct me if I am wrong. In any case, I love it and reminds me of our last trip to Italy.



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