Christmas Time

Welcome to the New Year everyone,

Hopefully everyone had a peaceful and relaxing Christmas filled with delicious food and time with your loved ones. Our entire family managed to get sick after the holidays and New Year’s Eve was spent in bed with a fever. However, our Christmas was lovely and wanted to share some images of how I ended up dressing the table and serving some dishes. On Christmas Eve we went to my husbands family for dinner and the following day, we had my family over for Christmas dinner. On the morning of the eve, my husband and I spent a little time together, had some rice porridge, listening to Christmas songs and let Lucas and Siena open some gifts. Siena turned 3 years old on the eve and we all sat under the tree drinking coffee and exchanging gifts.

I loved having Christmas Day at our house, I love being the host and was lovely to create memories for my family. For the Christmas table, I used pine branches as a centre garland with twigs of ecolyptus throughout. I ordered really slim and tall candles from Denmark (ester and Erik) in lovely beige and olive green colours and also added some white antique candles to the mix. I used Tina k. plates as a base and added random French plates on top for appetisers that I have collected throughout the years. The olive green linen napkins (H&M) add a certain softness to the table instead of a white colour and then some hyacinth flowers scattered around.

We made some delicious cointreau based cocktails for starters that where a real hit. We started the dinner party with white fish tartare canapés and then had some scallops. We then had a shrimp Skagen dish and after the traditional fish table. This includes roe, various cured fish, salads and foie gras. Instead of a ham for the main course, we had a goose confit and parmesan potatoes. The setting was lovely and intimiate and the weather was stunning.

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