Spring Blossom

It has been a while since I have written anything here and truth be told, I have had a really hard time as I lost my father, whom I loved so very much. My father gave me a future and he did everything for his family and I was always his little girl. It has been a hard transition as dealing with grief is never easy with all the pain inside. I pray it gets easier as time goes by and as seasons change. It still feels very emotional and coping has been easiest by keeping myself busy, being isolated spending core time with family. My little boy has given me a lot of strength who keeps growing so fast. These days he is running around, he goes to daycare and has developed a charming little personality that we love so much. Slowly, I’m trying to feel inspired by things that I used to love; I’ve set up our balcony with flowers, we’ve taken a lot of nature walks and driven out of the city where it is more peaceful. I’m cooking with fresh ingredients and love watching nature bloom with flowers and become green. The cherry trees are in bull bloom at the moment and forests are filed with wood anemones, perfectly for mother’s day. I’ve splurged on cut flowers almost every week to brighten up the house and peonies are again, as beautiful as ever.

Wood Anemone 





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